Is Windows 7 “the new XP”? simple answer, probably yes.

Microsoft has indicated that they  will support Windows 7 up to the january of 2020, after that they will continue to release security patches for the flagship operating system for a

windows XP

the beloved operating system – even after death :)

further 4.5 years after that point.  However it is worth noting that the current support (referred to as “mainstream Support” for this product will end on the 13th Jan 2015.  This is considerably closer and some would describe as “just around the corner”.

So why does this matter?

Well, stats from gartner have recently revealed that companies did not take advanced warning and plan accordingly when it came to the phase-out of the beloved Windows XP.  In fact at the time that all microsoft support for the product ended COMPLETELY, there were still 25% of PCs using the redundant an unsupported system.  Causing a costly upgrade plan for many companies that could have easily been minimized with a little forward planning.

Also worth noting, is that at the time of printing (sorry, i’m a bit old-school) that currently there are still 25% of PCs running windows XP ?!?!?!  so maybe not the rush to upgrade after all.